Midas’ Sofa

He had the Midas Touch; a disgruntled taste for love and glory equaled only by a disproportionate ego who lived in the shadows of his ever-mutant cyclothymic alter-ego. Some days, I used to say he was a friend of mine; others, just an acquaintance. Despotic, … Read more

A handicapped life

My wife lives condemned to a wheelchair. Something recent, an unexpected icing on the cake to her experience down here on Planet Earth among us. Aggressive peripheral neuropathy in her legs, due to a severe case of diabetes, is keeping her there, very much against … Read more


And I loved her. With my gruesome limits and my laughable limitations, I used to sing to her a convoluted medley of Paul McCartney songs. At home, her mom fed her tons of tunes from Sinatra and The Carpenters, while showing off a particular snapshot … Read more